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Brand building is often associated with creating an impactful external appearance in order to attract market attention and boost sales. However, we at Corporhythm work with an inside-out approach, authentically building on “what is” and “how it benefits the audience”, rather than what would make the prospects buy your products and services. We help build your brand in a way that sales is a by-product of this exercise.

How we do it

Inside-out Approach

Our business is all about clarity of expectations, attention to detail and awesome creativity. Starting with clear understanding of the core, conducting market research across various criteria, we synchronize the brand image (outside) with the brand character (inside), to create the desired marketing impact for you.

Brand Philosophy

The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who realize the importance of brand building, who do not appreciate cutting corners in delivery quality or delays in response and executive time, and who give us the freedom to work creatively and strategically as their partners.

Unlike most branding or ad agencies, apart from strategy and creativity, we focus on aligning the information flow across departments and supporting the sales team with up-to-date information and marketing collateral when they need it the most.

Corporhythm brand philosophy

What we do


Corporhythm infographics


Our core strategy is to understand the client business, their industry, and their aspirations, and work in a three-phase model as follows:
Corporhythm reaserch


Studying the existing marketing collaterals, understanding the client, core objectives, SWOT, Products, Services, Competition, Research, Schedule of milestones and deliverables.
Corporhythm ideation


Meetings, consultancy, marketing collaterals, Creating web-presence / influence, digital formats, GTM strategies, Weekly Reviews.
Corporhythm exicution


Maintenance, on-going digital marketing, priority-driven work, updates, and orchestrating marketing efforts in line with client’s strategic objectives.



  • Client research
  • Marketing research
  • Industry research
  • External sources

Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Strategy


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Presentations
  • Website Design
  • Events & Exhibitions


  • Creative Story-telling
  • Technical
  • Captions, Taglines
  • Web, Blogs, News


  • Corporate Videos
  • Technology Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Campaigns
  • Podcasts

We deliver PROJECTS in time through


Being process-oriented helps us to automate repetitive tasks, minimise mistakes and develop accountability. We believe in leveraging technology to help maintain data integrity, have clarity in communication and significantly increase efficiency. It has been our experience that process being important in all areas of business function, is particularly crucial in information integrity and communication. Further, content has a lion's share in brand building, as it is the very basic mode of communicating with the audience.

Corporhythm process 1


Corporhythm process 2


Corporhythm process 3

Core Content

Corporhythm process 4

Content adaption

Corporhythm Process 5


Words from

Our dear Clients

Dr. Varada Sugwekar Sule

“Corporhythm helped us in conceptualising and designing the marketing collaterals for my ayurvedic wellness and spa, 5O’Sense. The creatives were outstanding and every work was backed by a philosophy which resonated with 5O’Sense’s DNA. It has been a wonderful association with Manish and his team.”

Dr. Varada Sugwekar Sule

Kethaan Parakh

“The support that we got for entire branding and collaterals, was exhilarating. Manish smoothly took us from complete lack of clarity to concrete deliverables that surpassed our expectations. We were pleasantly surprised to see that even our web and print communication could be so good and professional.”

Kethaan Parakh
Associate Director, Greenvissage

Meghashyam Sinkar

“The team at CORPORHYTHM are very good at understanding your business, values and philosophy and then building the marketing content around it. The content is always well-researched, thought-driven and engaging. They come up with unique concepts which are very powerful. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and genuinely care about their clients. I would highly recommend CORPORHYTHM to anyone seeking end-to-end solutions, with consistency in communication across the organisation.”

Meghashyam Sinkar
Co-Founder, Pentagraph

Vipul Kulkarni

“Working with Manish G & Manish A at Corporhythm has been one of the most memorable experiences. They studied our company well and worked on various aspects of brand building over the past 9+ years. We at FWT are happy with their work and wish them all the best for their bright future.”

Vipul Kulkarni
Managing Director, FWT

Vikram Roopchand

Manish & his team helped us in creating video for our product DeepInsight, and a corporate presentation for Dimentrix.The work that he produced resonated with my thought process so well.I have really enjoyed working with him.

Vikram Roopchand
CTO, Smartship Hub & Dimentrix.

Mahesh Toraskar

The team at Corporhythm helped Matel in building its brand identity, websites, VC Pitch presentations and Photography, in 2021-22. It was a great pleasure working with their team , and we wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Mahesh Toraskar

Amit Chandak

Corporhythm's expertiese in designing marketing collaterals have helped us communicate our business ideas effectively.

Amit Chandak
Managining Partner, Greenvissage

lan Turnbull

Manish is a solid professional with an enthusiastic attitude. A good manager with excellent attention to detail, but most importantly gets things done.Manish manages business objectives with clarity, while always taking the time to make himself available to the team for whatever reason.

lan Turnbull

Robin Warburton

Manish was a highly regarded and respected member of the team at NEOS. He worked tirelessly through often challenging timelines, and was adept at managing multiple projects.Manish is both technically and commercially savvy and very knowledgeable across multiple channels.

Robin Warburton
UI/UX Designer, Causeway Technologies

Gayatri Deshpande

I appreciate Manish for the timeliness of service, professional ethic and the confidence that came with his content writing skill, knowledge and vast experience. He understands the purpose and his content writing always carry the core essence of the original thought behind it.

Gayatri Deshpande
Head-Hr & Strategy, Matel

Dr. Varada Sugwekar

Corporhythm helped us in conceptualising and designing the marketing collaterals for my ayurvedic wellness and spa, 50'Sense. The creatives were outstanding and every work was backed by a philosophy which resonated with 50'Sense's DNA. It has been a wonderful association with Manish and his team.

Dr. Varada Sugwekar
5 O’Sense

Radha Krishna Tirrey

I am really feeling bad for taking this much time to review such passionately written content. I am thoroughly impressed with the way you wrote and presented the content.

Radha Krishna Tirrey
CEO - Everglades Technologies

Khiyati M Barrot

I am deeply honored by your writing. You have done a great job. I just let my tears flow while I read each and every word. What can I say? You poured my heart into my website through your writing. This is the real me!

Khiyati M Barrot
Founder - Fame and Sun

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