Building a Sustainable Global Brand

Our client worked in a niche segment within manufacturing industry. The company had outstanding technology expertise and leadership. In 2012, the firm had set a vision of building world-class manufacturing facility by 2020. In spite of being in the sector since 2004, there was a total lack of brand awareness. Hence, establishing and positioning the brand in global market was extremely important.

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The objective was clearly defined:
To build a sustainable global brand

We collaborated with the client and together segregated the objectives into multiple milestones.

  1. Milestone 1: Redefine solution offerings
  2. Milestone 2: Build digital infrastructure
  3. Milestone 3: Achieve mission reach-out
  4. Milestone 4: Sustain growth


Starting from the grassroot level, building to the top, on priority we created a few marketing collaterals, for them to distribute to their existing clients and vendors. Our web development and content team worked on the showcasing client’s USPs including quality control reports, standard practices, inspiring work culture, technology benefits and key case studies. Together we implemented strategies to focus on high-value time-sensitive projects and verticals. Developed video library for machines, testimonials, award nominations, and build strong CSR brand.

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Our client had a 3,000 sq. ft. factory setup in 2012, with near zero brand presence. As of 2022, the company has a 70,000 sq. ft. world-class manufacturing facility, has won several prestigious awards, exporter of superior quality machines and is now a part of one of the top global companies within their industry, as in 2022.

Case Studies