EGGETERIA is a specialty restaurant serving innovative egg-based cuisine. The restaurant is a casual hang-out place for college students and those who wish to grab a sumptuous bite for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner. Generally, egg is perceived as a breakfast food, and our client wanted to change this perception and promote it as an all-day meal ingredient.

Corporhythm Eggeteria cover


  1. To establish Eggeteria as a creative, casual hang-out place
  2. To attract the right audience
  3. To enable customer-visits throughout the day


  • Creating a Mascot for the brand narrating an interesting story through jingles
  • Designing an attractive logo
  • Creating appealing names for various dishes
  • In-restaurant graphics and creatives
  • Tent Cards, Pamphlets, Standees and more
Corporhythm Eggeteria 1
Corporhythm Eggeteria 3
Corporhythm Eggeteria 1


  • Eggeteria became quite popular in the region
  • Visitors were happy with the vibe and the menu
  • Clients were pleased with the creativity and execution

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