Rebuilding and Strategic Positioning of a CA Firm

Established in 2007 as ProNet Consulting, the company offered financial accounting and related services for SMEs across diverse industries. Building the right processes, adopting newer technologies and taking the right decisions, the company established their credibility in their sector in 5 years.

The company then had expanded their operations by providing more than just financial accounting. It was now offering “India Set-up Strategy” for overseas companies. Hence, they wanted to rebrand and reposition themselves from a global perspective.

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  1. Rename the company for global appeal
  2. Renewed, professional brand communication
  3. Brand consistency
  4. Establishing a professional work-culture


  • Redefined USPs and core ideologies
  • Renewed brand identity
  • New website
  • Consistent brand communication
  • Quick reference guides for regulatory changes
  • Training on leadership and team dynamics
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Corporhythm greevissage 1
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  • Positive brand recognition
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved work-culture
  • Better reach

Case Studies