5 O'Sense

An ayurvedic med-spa by Dr. Varada Sugwekar Sule

Our client is a doctor in Ayurveda, and has completed post-graduation in clinical research. Further she had also completed various relevant diplomas and certifications in Yog, Ayurved, Beauty care, Beauty Science and Tricology.

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  1. Impactful marketing
  2. Creatives that resonated with their brand philosophy
  3. Brand consistency


  • Corporate brand identity
  • Consistent brand communication
  • Internal branding
  • Magazine articles
  • Social media marketing
Corporhythm 5'Osense project 2
Corporhythm 5'Osense project 2
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  • Positive brand recognition
  • Better customer engagement & loyalty
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Memberships
  • Better awareness on ayurveda

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